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Join the Twisted Team

Join the Twisted Team

We're more than coffee shop baristas.
Our values unify & motivate us to give our customers the best experience possible.

We value each other's time & work.
We appreciate everyone's uniqueness.
We communicate with one another.
We support & celebrate each other's wins.

We respect each other.

We succeed because
we're a team.

We work hard

We have high expectations for one another.

We will always have each other’s backs.

We correct issues without placing blame.

We are accountable to our team.

We work hard to create a fun atmosphere for ourselves and our customers.
We educate ourselves whenever we can in order to grow and improve our knowledge and skills. We love what we do.

If you align with these values and think you'd be a good fit for the team, we are looking for an individual who is:

Self - Motivated

Hard Working
Multi - Tasker

Team - Player

Interested in joining the Twisted Team? Tell us more about yourself!

(must be 18+)
(part-time = minimum of 2 shifts per week)

Thanks for submitting!

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