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Our story begins in 2015... 

January, 01, 2015: Learning the biz

Twisted Grounds' founder, Abby Dianne, hails from Kenosha, WI, where she was a barista at a local coffee shop, Common Grounds. While working there, Abby fell in love with how a coffee shop can create community.

September, 04, 2016: From Badger to Coffee Beans

 During her time studying law at UW-Madison, Abby started to feel like something was missing. She loved the hustle and bustle of working in the restaurant atmosphere along with the warm and welcoming charm that can be found in your local coffee shop. She started to dream of opening her own space that provided locally sourced options, served as a community hub, and knew customers by name. While studying law and working as a TA, she began to develop the concept for Twisted Grounds

August, 15, 2019: Save the date

 After spending years in Madison and living in the Grandview Commons neighborhood, Abby knew this was the neighborhood for Twisted Grounds. 
With the business plan approved and the perfect location found, Twisted Grounds was set to open March, 01, 2020.


January, 31, 2020: COVID Hits Madison

With the world entering the pandemic, Abby took advantage of the situation by using the time to create the unique interior of Twisted Grounds. With the help of friends and family, she spent 4 months creating the cozy interior, using antiques collected from around the world. Twisted Grounds is now furnished with hand-made one-of-a-kind pieces. 


July, 13, 2020: Opening Day!

Opening day was filled with excitement, nerves, and hope for the future of Twisted Grounds. Seeing all the smiling faces was incredibly rewarding and made the many years of hard work worth it. 


August, 14, 2020: Zebra gets dirty

Our signature drink, and the winner of the 2022 TG March Madness Bracket, was created because a regular tuxedo mocha just wasn't enough. With a little sweetness and a little spice, the Dirty Zebra was immediately deemed a masterpiece. 

October, 3, 2020: Pups get Twisted

Twisted Grounds was opened as a place for the community to host events that bring the neighborhood together. PuptoberFest was inspired by the countless number of four-legged friends that tagged along with their humans for a daily caffeine-fix. Over X many people enjoyed X number of vendors, live music, drink specials, raffles, and giveaways. 


July, 13, 2021: We're One year old

Happy 1st birthday to us! While the first year of a new business is always challenging, overcoming hurdles during the global pandemic gave us the foundation we needed to be successful. Twisted Grounds was able to donate to many local non-profits, host X community events throughout the year, and build a loyal customer following

July, 13, 2022: Two is better than One

We celebrated in style!

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