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We serve fresh, healthy, and satisfying food. We're not fast food, we make everything to order as quickly as we can while maintaining our high standards. Our menu and specialty drinks are crafted to be both exciting and comforting. We offer traditional cafe items with a twist. 

Our kitchen stops serving 1 hour before close every day.


sandwiches & toasts come with choice of
mixed greens, clementines (+.75),
chips (+.75), or cup of soup (+3)

Breakfast Sandwiches

BLT Croissant                                                   11.95

bacon, havarti cheese, red pepper aioli, tomato, avocado, lettuce, & fried egg on a butter croissant

Skinny Breakfast                                             8.75

turkey sausage tomato, avocado, spinach, & egg whites on an english muffin

Fried Egg & Bacon                                            7.50

bacon, cheddar, & fried egg on an english muffin

Veggie Breakfast                                             9.85

plant-based sausage & chipotle aioli, scrambled eggs, cheddar, roasted red bell peppers, & spinach on an everything bagel 

Everything Steak Bagel                                  12.85

steak, pepperjack, roasted red bell peppers, house-made caramelized onions, fried egg, & garlic aioli on an everything bagel

Sweet & Spicy Pesto                                      10.95

pesto, bacon, cheddar, tomato, red pepper flakes, honey, & a fried egg on toasted panini


Southwest Avocado                                       10.95

fried egg over avocado on challah bread, topped with crispy bacon, roasted sweet corn, green onion, & feta

Tomato & Feta                                                 10.95

toasted panini bread, avocado, and arugula, topped with fried egg, cherry tomatoes, feta, and a drizzle of truffle oil

Toast                                                      2.00 - 3.25

multi-grain, panini, english muffin, butter croissant, or gluten-free with a side of butter and choice of jam or peanut butter

Bagel                                                                 4.00

everything, plain, asiago, or sesame. add cream cheese, butter, or jam 

Bowls & Classics

Loaded Breakfast Bowl                                   9.25

spinach, sweet corn, house-made caramelized onions, and roasted red bell peppers scrambled with eggs, topped with avocado and garlic aioli

Yogurt Parfait                                                   9.85

vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries, blueberries, granola, sprinkled cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey

The Mini Slam                                                   7.00

scrambled eggs with crispy bacon and multi-grain toast, with a side of butter and choice of jam



sandwiches come with choice of
mixed greens, clementines (+.75),
chips (+.75), or cup of soup (+3)

Deli Sandwiches

Turkey Avocado BLT                                                                                  12.75

sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone, red onion, house-made warm bacon dressing and garlic aioli on toasted multi-grain

Turkey & Cheese                                                                                        7.95

sliced turkey, cheddar, and garlic aioli on toasted multi-grain 

All sandwiches available in half sizes!

Panini Sandwiches

Chicken Pesto                                                                                           12.75

grilled chicken, pesto, fresh mozzarella, & tomato on toasty sourdough 

BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese                                                                     12.75

homemade bbq chicken mix (grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, bbq sauce, green onions, & celery), cheddar, & bacon on toasty sourdough

Onion & Mushroom Melt                                                                          12.75

house-made caramelized onions & mushrooms with provolone & spinach on toasty sourdough 

Grilled Cheese                                                                                            7.95

cheddar & multi-grain bread, toasted until perfectly melty

Salads & Bowls

Cafe Salads

Greek                                                                                                           16.00

red onion, kalamata olives, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, feta, house-made hummus & croutons, over a bed of mixed greens & warm quinoa, dressed with house-made lemon tahini vinaigrette 

Steak                                                                                                           16.00

cucumbers, house-made pickled red onions, avocado, & warm steak over a spinach & arugula mix, topped with fresh dill & dressed with a house-made champagne mustard vinaigrette

Fruit & Cashew                                                                                            16.00

grilled chicken, blueberries, raspberries, honey crisp apple, dried cranberries, & cashews over a bed of mixed greens, topped with feta & lemon poppyseed dressing

All salads available in half sizes!

Chef Bowls

Teriyaki Chicken                                                                                       11.75

grilled chicken, sauteed spinach, sweet corn, & roasted red bell peppers in a teriyaki glaze, over a bed of warm quinoa, topped with cashews, green onion, & siracha 

Bacon & Brussels                                                                                      11.75

warm quinoa, toasted shredded brussel sprouts, & crispy bacon topped with parmesan, house-made pickled red onion & warm bacon dressing 



flatbreads come with choice of
mixed greens, clementines (+.75),
chips (+.75), or cup of soup (+3)

BBQ Chicken Nachos                                                                                19.00

grilled chicken, bacon bits, shredded cheddar & mozzarella blend, red onion, & cherry tomatoes, topped with jalapeños, green onion, tajin, cilantro & bbq sauce

Bruschetta                                                                                                14.00

house-made bruschetta (roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, fresh basil, red pepper flakes, salt & pepper) on warm, toasty, sliced baguette



Buffalo Chicken                                                                                          15.00

grilled chicken, cream cheese, buffalo ranch, Frank's Red Hot buffalo sauce, fresh mozzarella, & red onion, topped with green onion and bleu cheese 

Balsamic Veggie                                                                                         15.00

EVOO, spinach, provolone, veggie sausage, cherry tomatoes, & caramelized onions with a balsamic glaze drizzle

Pepperoni Supreme                                                                                   15.00

tomato sauce, shredded cheddar & mozzarella blend, red onion, pepperoni, & bacon bits topped with fresh shaved parmesan